Domestic Equity

Domestic Equity Sales & Trading

Cabrera Capital Markets adds value to institutional clients by providing superior price execution. Our trading desk keeps portfolio managers informed of the depth and momentum of the market before they place their orders, allowing them to make timely and more knowledgeable order execution decisions.

Traders at Cabrera use FIXTrader workstations for equity order management. This enables upstairs traders to electronically receive, enter, and route orders and executions between buy-side institutions, sales and block desks, and exchange floor all in real-time. Orders are entered quickly and efficiently, and then routed to the appropriate order execution venue in seconds, with completed executions routed back in the same efficient manner. OASYS and ALERT systems are utilized for easy access of account clearing information and for the disbursement of large blocks of stocks into smaller pieces to various portfolio management accounts.


Paul Karrlsson-Willis
Managing Director
Global Equity Sales and Trading
(617) 851-7129