Investment Banking

Cabrera Capital Markets Public Finance group is committed to creating and implementing cost effective financing solutions for our state and municipal clients. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to finding ways to make the job of government finance professionals easier and we stand prepared to leverage our resources to support transactions that will lower the cost of public infrastructure.

Cabrera's Public Finance team of highly experienced, dedicated professionals possesses a thorough understanding of debt finance and management from the issuer's perspective. We are fully attuned to our clients’ current needs and strive to anticipate their future challenges.

Cabrera's Public Finance bankers assist our clients in one or more of the following ways:

  • Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • Creating the most cost-effective bond financing structures
  • Optimizing refunding savings
  • Developing sound long-term financing strategies and capital plans
  • Suggesting innovative revenue generating ideas
  • Negotiating bond documents
  • Proposing ideas in one jurisdiction that have been implemented successfully elsewhere

Brian King
Managing Director - Head of Public Finance
(312) 931-6680

Sales & Trading

Cabrera Capital Markets Municipal Sales & Trading group supports the Public Finance team's effort with active trading and distribution. The firm has strong relationships with both large and small investors and understands the need for liquidity in the municipal market.

Additionally, our team provides meaningful trading ideas. The following factors distinguish Cabrera Capital Markets:

  • Strong relationships with both top tier and second tier investors
  • Specialization in investor relationships that are not universally covered by most of the dealer community
  • Strong performance on bond orders in deals in which we participate
  • Active trading desk that makes daily markets in municipal securities across all regions of the country and on blocks of bonds

Investment Management

Cabrera Capital Partners provides national real estate investment advisory services. Cabrera Capital Partners’ experienced team of professionals has a significant history of acquiring and developing commercial real estate in excess of 60 projects totaling approximately 35 million square feet resulting in an aggregate property portfolio in excess of $3.5 billion (USD) in gross asset value. In both good markets and bad markets, our team’s disciplined investment philosophy and commitment to client relationships have resulted in a consistent and measured growth of assets under management.

Cabrera Capital Partners follows a multi-disciplined, risk management centered, investment strategy utilizing stringent underwriting criteria, asset management planning, and targeted exit strategy alternatives for each investment. Cabrera’s real estate services include:

  • Commingled Funds
  • Separate Account Funds
  • Real Estate Advisory Services
  • Separate Account Asset Management Takeover Services

Cabrera Capital Partners’ investment team has extensive experience in a variety of product types and investment strategies designed to achieve measured, incremental growth. This managed, systematic approach to growth of assets under management affirms that our paramount goal is to achieve benchmark-exceeding returns and outstanding client service.

Mark Kirincich
(312) 931-6693

Daniel Ault
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